ACCRINGTON Stanley manager John Coleman is well aware of the importance of today's game against AFC Wimbledon, but believes every game is of equally vital.

Stanley come into the match in 17th position in League One while their opponents today are just two places below in 19th.

The Reds come into this game without a win since December and three points here could move them 11 points above the relegation zone.

"Every game is important, and you can’t underestimate the importance of any game," said Coleman.

"That’s why we were bitterly disappointed to lose to both Rochdale and Southend.

"Two teams who if we played them another eight times, we’d probably win seven of them. that’s frustrating, but we’ve got to look forward and not look back."

Stanley lost 2-0 at home to Peterborough United on Tuesday night, but the Reds boss was pleased with the performance of his side, especially in the first period.

Coleman highlighted the importance of hitting the target when shooting and wants Stanley to do it more often than they have been.

"Ironically, the other night was the first time we haven’t scored in about 10 or 11 game, so we have been finding the net, just maybe not as much as we should given the chances that we create," added Coleman. "What we’ve got to get back to is hitting the target. We had 20 shots and hit the target twice against Salford.

"I think we only hit the target three times on Saturday and twice on Tuesday night.

"Them stats have got to get up, we’ve got to be hitting the target in the nine’s, 10’s and 11’s if you’re going to score two or three goals. Goals create confidence."

No matter what their form and how results are going, Stanley stick to a way of playing that has earned them many plaudits.

Coleman likes his side to play football by passing the ball around which makes them easy on the eye.

He believes it is very difficult to change the way a side play when players have been signed specifically for that.

"You sign players to play in the way that you want," the Reds manager added.

"It’s very difficult to change mid-season when you’ve recruited a group of players who play the way that we play.

"The other night I thought we played some good, I thought we were really good in the first half.

"We maybe tailed away in the second half and they got their tales up and scored the second goal.

"We had 60% of the possession, so it shows you that we got back to keeping the ball well and passing it a bit better, we got a bit ragged last half an hour, but we’ve got to build on that.

"Passing has got to lead to creating chances, it’s no good just passing for the sake of it.

"We’ve got to pass to imbalance the opposition and when you get the opportunity, you’ve got to go for the killer, and I think that’s what’s been letting us down a little bit."

Jordan Clark had recently missed a couple of games with a hamstring injury, but Coleman thinks his star man is getting stronger and will soon be back to his best.

"We just seem to get our rhythm upset from time to time and we have to change formation slightly," Coleman said.

"I think the ones who played came through that pretty well.

"I think Jordan Clark’s getting stronger after his hamstring injury, we’ll only see a better end to the season for him."