ACCRINGTON Stanley manager John Coleman expects Billy Kee to receive a send-off he deserves when he returns to say his goodbyes to the home faithful on Saturday against AFC Wimbledon.

Kee announced his retirement from football on Wednesday due to personal reasons after battling mental health issues for much of his career.

Coleman wants to see his former star return to football at some point in the future, even if it is just part-time.

"It was my idea to be honest, for the service he’s given the club and the good times he’s given. I think it’ll be a fitting for the fans to give him the send-off he deserves," said Coleman.

"This has been a long process and it’s not been a bombshell.

"We’ve had time get used to it and as I’ve said on numerous occasions, you just want Billy to be well. He’s a smashing lad. "I’d like to see him return at some point, obviously not for us, but I’d like to see him playing football part-time again for pleasure.

"I don’t think he’s probably enjoyed football as much as he should have done with everything that’s been going on.

"I know you can point to the Luton game and that’s up there in my top three moments of all time.

"His life will go on and it will be a healthy and happy life with his family."

The Reds boss is looking to add to his squad as deadline day looms as he hopes to add two or three new faces before the window closes.

"I thought my wife was going to ask to go out on loan yesterday it was getting that bad," added Coleman.

"It’s been tough, this summer was really tough and I’m getting that feeling in my brain replicated over the last couple of days.

"It’s hard, but you’ve got to get on with it, it’s my job. I think it’s only going to get harder as we progress throughout the years.

"As I get older, I think it is only going to get harder.

"What we’ve got to do is work with the players that we’ve got and the players that we get in, we’ve got to integrate them quickly."

Coleman is hoping how some fresh faces and the return of Sam Finley and Colby Bishop from injury will give his side a lift as they approach the last few months of the season.

"I think we need a lift, getting players back will give us a lift as well," Coleman added.

"Hopefully, we’ll have a mini boost now and then we’ll have another mini boost when we get Colby Bishop and Sam Finley back into the fold.

"We’re always looking to try and win games and you want to have as many options as possible to do that."