Tony Mowbray has no qualms should the team bus leave without him on Friday.

The transfer deadline doesn’t close until 11pm on Friday, by which time Rovers will have travelled north ahead of Saturday’s game at Middlesbrough.

Mowbray is well versed when it comes to making the trip from East Lancashire to Teesside, but the timing of his journey for his week’s match would well depend on Rovers’ transfer dealings.

While clubs have until 11pm to submit the necessary paperwork for deals, Mowbray admits he should know earlier in the day how things will play out.

He said: “We’ll know by Friday where we’re at and if I have to sit here until 11pm then that’s not an issue.

“It’s something I’ve done many times before. Our away game on the Saturday is only two hours down the road so I can get in my car and meet them at the team hotel and be ready for breakfast on game day. That won’t be a problem.

“If we’re going to do some business, hopefully it will be done by then but we all know what it’s like on that last day.

“If it’s about financials, that’s why it comes down to the final day because the team selling, or trying to do the deal, wants as much as they can or want to pay as little as they have to.

“It’s about the negotiations and the time. Let’s see what Friday brings.

“Hopefully we go in to Saturday’s game with a stronger squad than we’ve had in the first half of the season.”