Steve Waggott says Rovers are ‘around the threshold’ of Financial Fair Play rules but remain compliant.

The club’s chief executive admits there are limitations on how much owners Venky’s can invest under the current rules which have come under the spotlight in the Championship.

In an interview with the Lancashire Telegraph last month, Waggott stated he felt there was ‘no financial fair play’ in the Championship because of the disparity in turnover between clubs, with Rovers sitting towards the bottom end of that particular table.

It has been a hot topic at EFL meetings in recent months, with Birmingham City, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday all subject to ongoing investigations.

Under profitability and sustainability rules brought in to help bring about a level playing field in the second tier, losses cannot exceed £39m over three years.

While Rovers are currently compliant, Waggott said the club ‘were around the threshold and very limited as to what could be done.’

“The owners would like to invest in the club but are unable to under FFP rules,” he said, speaking at a fans’ forum meeting.

Waggott said there was ‘considerable unrest’ among clubs about FFP rules, but said ‘it was very difficult to make changes’ given it would require at least 18 of the 24 teams to agree to them.

And with 11 clubs currently in receipt of parachute payments following their respective relegations from the Premier League, Waggott felt that would prove unlikely.

The spotlight has been shone on the dealings of Championship clubs of late, particularly around club owners using sponsorship arrangements in a bid to get around the restrictions on investment.

But Waggott says those dealings must fall in line with valuations presented to other commercial partners.

“It is not possible to create artificial sponsorship deals if they cannot be seen to be commensurate with the market,” he explained.

Meanwhile, it was revealed the club had sold just 345 half-season tickets, despite going on sale at a time when the team were in the middle of an excellent run of form, a figure Waggott described as ‘disappointing’.

The CEO also said a proposal of a ‘flexi season ticket’ would unlikely be considered as it would ‘cannibalise’ the sales of a full season ticket. However, he did state the club may look in to another ticket offer later in the season.