We asked our Rovers fans’ jury: How would you feel were Rovers to allow Ben Brereton to join ADO Den Haag on loan?

I'm afraid I've never understood or fully comprehended the Ben Brereton situation or what to me was an absurd amount of money paid for what has become unfulfilled potential.

At a club like Rovers, with well known financial problems, how can you possibly justify spending £6m on an individual still wet behind the ears?

The recent interview with Tony Mowbray concerning Ben was interesting but only if you read between the lines. Oh to be a fly on the wall to know what really has been going on in a totally unsatisfactory situation.

We are now probably at the worst case scenario with this player whereby all other strategies have failed and so a loan move may bring back his confidence and develop his maturity.

How many years does it take for a player to settle down and give his best?

For all concerned something needs to happen to resolve a situation that need never have occurred.

Paul Yates

The loan transfer makes perfect sense. Ben Brereton has never had a run of games in the team and looks as unlikely as ever to get any now.

He is short on confidence and would benefit from new surroundings and a fresh start to try to recapture what Mowbray must have seen in him to pay what he did.

Going to a foreign club as opposed to a lower league club will also be seen as a sideways step rather than a backwards step and the different culture, way of life and style of football will surely develop him as a player but also a person.

In the meantime it will also free up funds to bring a loan player in who could impact the immediate team.

Kelvin Wilkins

I’d be more than comfortable with this. I’ve spoken before about how a period away from the club may be the best thing for Brereton.

Moving to another country gives him the opportunity to endear himself to a set of fans who are likely to be in the dark about him.

To a degree he’d be able to go and play without the pressure that he’s under at Rovers. His price tag has set some high expectations, and rightfully so.

This opportunity to play some games away from us though could help him revive his career.

Tom Schofield

I would feel more relief for him that he would have a chance to have a fresh start which he could bring back to us on his return next season.

I'm pretty sure he must be around our top earning players and if ADO Den Haag pay all or part of his wages it may free up a loan signing for us.

For a number of reasons the signing of him has never looked like working out for him or us, he has been with us for 16 months plus and will be lucky if his starts tally into double figures.

He may be better off on a permanent move but I can't see it. When a club in our financial position on deadline day paid £6m I was most amazed as where the majority of fans as it was only in the last couple of days it appeared we had that sort of money to spend.

Regrettably I think AT THIS MOMENT it is money down the drain. I really hope the move comes off and it works out for him but nine goals in a total of 82 total first team career games split between Rovers and Forest suggests it won't be easy.

Andrew Robinson

I feel a move abroad to ADO Den Haag could be the best thing for Brereton at the moment. He’d be away from all the attention in England, it’s a break from Blackburn Rovers and he could get some confidence back with a goal or two.

We’re all disappointed with how his investment has turned out, but being here at the moment isn’t right for him and he needs to have some time away.

I hope he does to Holland, gets a few goals and comes back with confidence to fight for his place next season.

Rovers Chat

For whatever reason, Ben Brereton’s career at Rovers hasn’t unfolded the way anybody wanted. 

He arrived from Forest with a growing reputation but just hasn’t managed to re-create anywhere near his best form, managing only one goal so far. 

There’s an argument to say that we haven’t aided him in this matter, handing him only a handful of appearances in his favoured attacking role. The majority of his appearances have come on the wing, not the place a tall striker really wants to be.

Others would argue that when he has played, he hasn’t showed enough to earn a place in the starting 11. 

It would be a bold move from Rovers to send their £6 million pound signing out on loan, some may even see it as Tony Mowbray admitting he made a mistake with the signing. 

I however, believe that sending him out on loan is the best possible option at this moment in time. 

I think a loan move to the Dutch League would do him the world of good, and give him the chance to get some first team football in a league where the fans won’t judge him by the large price tag that he carries around his knack like a heavy chain. 

Hopefully he can go and get some games under his belt in his favoured position, score a few goals and get some confidence in himself. 

Let’s hope he goes abroad and does the business, and comes back ready to go again in pre-season, otherwise it could be a long road ahead. 

Stu Smith