FOR two hours on Saturday afternoon the Burnley manager, coaches, players and fans had an opportunity to escape from the challenges of Premier League life and just enjoy the freedom of the FA Cup.

And boy did it show. Because there, in front of our very eyes, was a team playing without shackles, without worry and with flair.

Yes, I know this was "only" Peterborough, but the opposition doesn’t matter – we have to take care of our own house before we worry about anyone else and our lower league opposition would have loved nothing more than a top flight upset.

There were also some players in that starting line-up who are desperate to push for a starting spot in the league.

With all of the criticism levied on these players over the last couple of months, we should take heart that the fight for the badge is still there.

We were rewarded with a home tie in the fourth round against Norwich and I approve of this draw, for many reasons.

For one, it wasn’t Manchester City away. And for another, it is against a side who will not want to risk players at a ground that they have already suffered a humbling defeat this season, whilst they prioritise top flight survival.

This is a really good opportunity for us to be in that fifth round draw.

Wouldn't a cup run just help lift the spirits in this difficult season?

That said, we have to set our trophy dream to one side for now, as we get right back on the Premier League horse this weekend and look to get some much-needed points on the board.

It's an away trip to Chelsea. I have been panicked for a while now about the horrendous nature of our next nine fixtures, but I was reminded on our podcast this week about the need to calm down and just take two or three games at a time.

Chelsea have had a real rollercoaster run of results recently.

"Struggling" teams like Everton, Bournemouth and Southampton have banked wins so let's not write this one off right away.

We can go there and get a result so long as we carry that positive approach from the cup game with us. We cannot win a game without scoring and we probably cannot get a point without scoring.

So enough of this sitting tight and hoping for a 0-0. Let's take the game to them and make them work for it.