SEAN Dyche has warned Burnley fans there may be a quiet January transfer window ahead.

Three defeats in seven days has brought the potential of new recruits arriving at Turf Moor in the new year into sharper focus.

The Clarets are again being linked with Derby right-back Jayden Bogle but the Burnley boss has moved to underline the restraints he is working under.

Dyche also insists that the slump ahead of today’s game against Newcastle has not shifted his priorities ahead of the window opening.

“It’s irrelevant whether it changes or not,” he said. “The club are only ever going to spend so much money, probably not that much, so therefore it’s irrelevant.

“I could ask Santa for a list as long as my body of players, it’s highly unlikely I’ll get too many of them.

“It’s not me having a go, it’s just the reality. If you look at our windows previously in January I don’t think you’re going to find there is massive amounts of activity and certainly not for massive fees.”

A deal for Bogle would see the Clarets again dip into the Championship for reinforcements but Dyche believes even plucking players from the second tier is easier said than done.

“You’re all vying to make a change if that change is available, it’s tough,” he said.

“One of our markets historically has been the Championship but you might have Championship clubs who are trying to get in the Premier League and all that stuff. It’s changed.

“Deals are not deals any more, there aren’t many where you nick a player like we did with (Nick) Pope and Johann (Berg Gudmundsson) with a couple of million quid here and there. It’s not like that anymore. I could ring about a Conference player and they could say they want £3 million quid.

“The market’s shifted massively over the last couple of seasons.”

More than anything Dyche believes January is simply a harder window than the summer in which to get deals done.

“It’s harder to get them over the line in general. Whether that’s club to club, player to club. It is a difficult process,” the Clarets boss said.

“If you’ve got crazy money like some clubs have then that makes it easier, you just pay a bit more and it gets deals done.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen here.”

The recent slump, not aided by several injuries, means the depth of Dyche’s squad has been under scrutiny and he admits that getting the right blend within his budget can be tough.

“If the club want it running super tight then there’s only so many players we can have,” he said.

“We’ve got 20 main runners and riders which when fit is a great number. Any manager will tell you they love to have two outfield players for every position. The challenge beyond that is when they start getting injured.

“That is the risk and reward of carrying low numbers and keeping the finance right. It’s a tough balance to find in a market that doesn’t care what we do.”