SEAN Dyche got a swift reminder of Burnley’s 5-0 hammering at Tottenham when he bumped into Jose Mourinho in London the following day.

The Clarets boss has revealed that the pair had a chance encounter in the capital less than 24 hours after seeing his side slip to a third Premier League defeat in seven days.

Dyche, out with his family at the time, conceded it was a bizarre moment with the pair sharing a friendly conversation before going their separate ways.

“I’ll tell you a little life story,” the Burnley manager said at his press conference ahead of Saturday’s game with Newcastle.

“Strangely, after a bad day for us, a bad result that’s for sure, the next day, with nine-odd million people in London, I bump into Jose Mourinho!

“That was a strange moment, for him and me. But we were both correct because he said they were very good, which they were, and I said we weren’t, so we were both right. Anyway, it was just a life moment, that I thought was quite interesting .

“I spoke to him more than I have before, ever. We had a good 10 minutes, and he was very polite, very kind to my family. It was an interesting moment in a city of nine-odd million people.

“I was on my way to Poundstretchers by the way – he was on his way to Harrod’s!”

In terms of unlikely meetings with fellow bosses, Dyche admitted it ranked highest on his list, the chat turning to Mourinho’s new role at Spurs.

“Without a shadow of a doubt (it was the most unlikely),” the Clarets manager said.

“His face was actually more shocked than mine, because he was plodding along and I saw him with his hat on, and he shot his head up and said a bad word, and then said sorry, your wife and children are there!

“But he was very pleasant – as he would be after smashing us the day before. We had six or seven minutes chatting about how he’s settling, life in general , that sort of stuff. He was very pleasant.”