Swansea boss Steve Cooper felt referee Jeremy Simpson got four ‘major decisions’ in the game wrong.

The Swans boss felt his side should have had two penalties, one for handball against Bradley Dack and another more speculative shout when Sam Surridge was shrugged off the ball by Ryan Nyambe.

Cooper also felt Simpson got both red card decisions wrong, with Tom Carroll and Dack dismissed for two yellow cards.

“I’ve seen the penalty decision back for handball and it’s just a massive error from the referee,” Cooper told Wales Online.

“Because he knows he made the error he’s then made the poor red card decisions and he’s lost his composure really. I didn’t think either was a red card because I’ve looked at them back.

“He’s made four major decisions and he’s got them fundamentally wrong. I’m only being honest. I am criticising him, but I’m saying it as I thought at the time and I’ve seen the decisions back.

“I’ve been to see him as well.  He knew the ball hit his (Dack’s) hand so he said that but his hand isn’t next to him, it’s out. I get it if there are loads of players around him, but it’s travelled 15 yards before it has hit his hand. “He is going to be embarrassed when he sees it back on TV.

“He’ll probably be refereeing in the conference now.”

Opposite number Tony Mowbray also felt the game could have ended with 11v11, feeling the decision to send off Dack was to simply level up the numbers.

Mowbray didn’t feel that the handball shout against Dack could be given due to the lack of intent and no opposition player in sight, and was also mystified by Cooper’s suggestion that his side should have had a spot-kick when Surridge and Nyambe tussled.

“Anywhere else on the pitch, it’s a penalty,” Cooper added.

“I think he lost composure because he knew he’d made some big errors. He was nervous. I was very respectable afterwards because I knew he was uncomfortable with his night.

“He’s a professional and I want him to progress, but we have to be honest and unfortunately he’s going to get marked down.”