Burnley boss Sean Dyche said his biggest gripe on a nightmare afternoon in North London was his side’s role in each of the five goals they conceded to Tottenham Hotspur.

The Clarets went down 5-0 thanks to a Harry Kane double and goals from Lucas Maura, Son Heung-min and Moussa Sissoko.

They found themselves 2-0 inside the first eight minutes and never really looked like recovering.

Dyche said: “My biggest gripe is we gave the ball away for fun in key areas, key moments - five goals from five giveaways.

“Credit to them for that, but they were key giveaways, sloppiness, details we don’t normally turn it over in those moments that easily.

“They started super-fast, possibly a faction to a tough result the other night - the energy, the quality they showed in the first 25/30 minutes, that always makes it tough.

“In balance, we had two key chances, at 1-0 and 2-0 down, and I’m not saying we win the game, but it gives you a foothold.

“If you take those chances, the feel of a game can sometimes calm down, and it gives you a foothold.

“But it wasn’t to be, and in the end they were too strong, too good and too detailed in their finishing. They were super-clinical.”

Dyche made three changes to the team that went down 4-1 at home to Manchester City on Tuesday night and with his squad depleted through injury was forced to include youngsters Mace Goodridge and Anthony Glennon on the bench.

The Clarets were without key men Ashley Westwood, Ashley Barnes and Charlie Taylor for the trip to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

And the Burnley boss admitted he had been expecting more from those players who had come in over the last couple of weeks.

He said: “We’re depleted at the minute, and it does make you realise sometimes...we have a competitive squad, I do believe that, but we’re not far off playing the players we should be playing by the looks of it, because when they play, we look a stronger outfit, and when we haven’t, we’ve looked a bit off.

“That has its moment, but, on balance, I have stated it’s the strongest competitive squad we’ve had, so therefore I do expect more sometimes.

“Not a million miles away, but we need more than that, particularly when we’re dealing with the ball, that’s the biggest thing.”

Despite being critical of his side during various phases, Dyche insisted there was no lack of effort from his team as Spurs kept their first clean sheet since the arrival of Mourinho as boss.

“I don't think there is any lack of effort I think the stats will show we put plenty of effort in, sometimes misguided effort,” he said.

“Are you running in the right place, are you reading the game, are you anticipating, the sharpness of movement? But there will be no lack of effort on the stats, I can assure you of that.”

“We covered way more ground than Man City the other night, as you can imagine, because we were chasing the ball.