SEAN Dyche feels Jose Mourinho could be the man to take Spurs to the next level. But he is hoping to put a bump in the road when the Clarets make their first trip to the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium today. And Dyche has good reason to be optimistic. For Burnley are unbeaten in their last three away games against a Mourinho side. A 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge in February 2015 during Mourinho’s second spell in charge of Chelsea was followed by a goalless draw and 2-2 draw against Manchester United after he had made the move to Old Trafford, in October 2016 and December 2017 respectively. It’s a trend Dyche hopes to at least match, if not better, today. “The clubs he has been at, there’s an obvious divide in the Premier League. We all know it’s there, it’s not rocket science,” said Dyche. “The stats and the facts show a true sort of measure of the league. “I might be wrong but I don’t think there are that many teams like ourselves who have amazing records against the so-called top six. “But doesn’t mean that any game is not winnable.” For Dyche, it was no surprise to see former Chelsea boss Mourinho take the reins at another club in the capital. “He has lived in London for a long time, that might be a factor,” noted the Burnley boss. “It’s a fantastic new stadium, a young side still developing - or mostly young. (Jan) Vertonghen and people like that are a bit older and wiser if you like. “A very strong academy there over the years - and I know he has been questioned about that but I’m sure he has got enough about him to know good players whether they are young or old. “So no, it didn’t surprise me (that Mourinho took the Spurs job). “They have an amazing training ground. I haven’t been through the building but I’ve been down there and it’s absolutely amazing. Top of the top training ground. “If you look at all those tick boxes... “And most people consider them nearly the club, so it’s his chance to make them THE club, or certainly push to that. “The last one where he did that would probably be Porto. “Probably there’s a platform at a club like Tottenham to attempt to do that and take it to the level that everyone thinks. “And if you think about it everyone will go ‘no-one’s quite made it to be THE club’, although it’s got all the makings of it. “I could see why that’s attractive to him.” While Mourinho started with three wins on the spin, against West Ham and Bournemouth in the Premier League and Olympiakos in the Champions League, their run was ended on his return to Old Trafford with a midweek defeat to United. Dyche feels it is too soon to say whether the Portuguese has managed to put his own stamp on the side so quickly. “I think it is too early yet. There are certain signs of it, he knows they can pass and play,” said the Burnley boss. “I thought against United they went longer when they needed to and tried to stretch the pitch. I think he knows enough about the Premier League, he is a top manager. In years to come he will be looked at as one of the best I think and he will adapt the side accordingly. “He has gone into a very good situation, I don’t think there any many things wrong. “Players are human beings, they often have a bounce and they look like they are doing that. The difference will be over time when he starts to formulate the players that are going to be his and the players that are going to leave or not get picked.” He added: “I think they have had an attack minded side mostly under (Mauricio) Pochettino and a very good side. He is a top manager who has done a brilliant job there over a number of years and now Mourinho will adapt that. “There is a balance to find the right mixture. The main bit we focus on is both boxes because that is the most important part of the game and I think finding that balance will be another part of the challenge.”