We asked our Rovers fans' jury: What has disappointed or frustrated you most about Rovers' opening 16 games?

I'm very disappointed that my pre-season's predictions have been all too accurate.

Mr Mowbray's inability to recognise or adequately deal with a fragile and disjointed defence continues to frustrate now as it did in previous campaigns.

We are now seven points worse off than at this time last season and we still hear the same tired clichés from the manager after each predictable defeat.

One shot on target in the Leeds game was the same situation we have experienced in away games for a number of seasons. 

If the manager can't perceive the problem then someone else should.

Paul Yates


My biggest disappointment besides the results, has been our lack of attacking threat.

I’ve spoken before about how a new style of play should not be of detriment to anything. We aren’t creating enough chances.

Dack isn’t in the game anywhere near as much when Graham isn’t in the team. He’s having to drop deep to make things happen, we then miss him in the final third. 

Gallagher for all his work rate hasn’t looked like scoring. The one league game he did score in I was absent for, though I do hear he played very well in that first half. 

Our form won’t pick up unless we address that though.

Last season 25 of our goals came from Graham and Mulgrew. One doesn’t start and the other is no longer at the club.

Say what you want about his defensive work, Mulgrew carried a threat when we needed a goal. 

Tom Schofield