Given that we are on an international break it seems an ideal time for me to step aside.

This column is described as an outlet for the ‘fans’ and as such I feel I have failed in my task.

My views do not tally with the majority of the fans and rather than antagonise them further at a time where emotions are high I think someone else should take the reins.

Saturday was not an easy game to follow a much-needed win.

Leeds always had the edge and there seemed little confidence in the Rovers side despite some hearty performances.

However, I have grown sick of defending players only for them to show zero desire for the shirt.

Time pedals on and there is no sign of a fix. How long Tony Mowbray can juggle the expectations of the fans and his innate loyalty to his players remains to be seen.

Gary Bowyer stabilised a club veering from disaster to disaster and eventually got the bullet.

Whereupon once more disaster followed disaster until we found ourselves relegated.

To throw the dice once more is a decision that the board and owners will ponder.

The job is by no means a plum opportunity. For many managers the prize is the contract which they will get paid in full whether they fail or not.

Getting the right players in for the right money is ridiculously hard in this division for a club with wavering support and a future that is hardly promising promotion at the moment.

The hard fact that players may leave in January is also one that will affect the future.

Money may well come in but as we know, getting players of that same ilk for the same price is not guaranteed.

A gamble is exactly what it purports to be. Only the brave bet everything on red or black.

I’d like to thank Rich Sharpe for his support, Paul Wheelock for his previous encouragement and Dan Clough for his recommendation.

Whoever succeeds me is a lucky person and has all my best wishes.

I’ll be Rovers ‘til I die, however soon or long that may be. Keep the faith.