JOSH Holmes impressed once again as he took his professional fight record to four wins without defeat on Saturday night.

The Earby man fought on Frank Duffin and Kevin Maree's show at Blackburn’s King George’s Hall and was a points winner over the experienced Jamie Quinn in a four round encounter.

Holmes was pleased with his performance and has lofty ambitions in the long term, believing tougher fights will bring out the best in him.

“It was good to get out there again on Saturday, it was probably the most comfortable I'd felt in the ring out of all my fights,” said the boxer.

"I always aim to put on a good show for the fans, they oay their hard earned money to watch so they deserve a good fight.

“I don't really see the praise I've had as added pressure, I just go in the ring and do me.

"I want to go on and fight for many titles in this sport, I'd love to have that British title around my waist, but I can't rush anything and need to take it one fight at a time.

Lancashire Telegraph: Josh Holmes on his way to victoryJosh Holmes on his way to victory

“Kevin is managing me well and I trust what he is doing, I’m excited to go on and hopefully, win many titles in this sport.”

Maree has waxed lyrical about his fighter in the past and has admitted it’s tough not to put him in for bigger fights in the early stage of his career.

“Everyone knows what I think about Josh, he’s brilliant and we’ve got such high hopes for him,” he said.

“I was talking to Quinn after the fight and he said Josh is one of the best he’s been in the ring with.

“You could see the gulf in class, Josh is so slippery and elusive. You can’t hit him.

“We’re still holding him back and we know that’s what’s best for him for the time being, we want him to gain that experience so that when he gets to the top, he can stay there.

“He is someone who wants to take the leap now and take the bigger fights, but he understands why we’re managing him like we are.

“We’ll step him up to the six-rounders, then the eight-round fights and then we’ll see where we’re at from there.

“It’s difficult for me to hold him back a bit because I know he’s ready, but we need to guide him well. You’ll see him get even better when he’s in there with better fighters who come after him because he’s having to go at fighters now and that’s not his style at all.

“We see it in the gym all the time, when boxers come at him, that’s when you see him at his best and taking people out.”