THIS season has been one of misfortune and bad decisions for Accrington Stanley as things stand.

The Reds have had three consecutive good goals ruled out and controversial penalties given against them in game changing moments.

John Coleman insists his side have to rise against the element of luck on this occasion.

"We’ve had conversations with Mike Jones in charge of thee referees and he’s agreed that we’ve had some really poor decisions against us this season that has affected us in key areas of games," said Coleman.

"It hasn’t all been our fault, but we’ve got to rise above the element of luck. It plays a massive part in football.

"That little 10% where you can rise above, we’ve got to work harder on things you can govern.

"We had three consecutive good goals disallowed and I can’t ever remember that happening to us. You have to keep battling away.

"If you hide behind that then you’ll eventually go backwards. You have to take it for what it is and accept that there’s lots of variables in football.

"Accept that and move on with what you can try and control, which is getting better. Get fitter, stronger and more clinical.

"Get a better tactical awareness and understanding, play the game at the right tempo and build on what you think is good.

"There’s plenty of good things about our football club at the moment and certainly the football team."

Coleman thinks football is tougher now for a manager who is new to the game.

"It might be harder for a first-time manager who thinks that this is his only chance. Everything is going against you and the club," the Stanley boss added.

"They start to think that they’re going to drown, and they won’t find another job again.

"I’ve been in the game long enough to not let that affect me. I’ve experienced plenty of highs and plenty of lows. I don’t get too low.

"What you have to do is inform yourself when things are going right and wrong.

"Identify problems and talk about them. Sometimes it’s identifying what you’re doing right and what’s good practise and trying to enhance that.

"Trying to replicate it and make things better. Every day is a school day, you’re always trying to learn and better yourself.

"You always try to better the people who are working and around you and influence them.

"I think that we’ve got a good coaching staff and good lads. We’ve got a great set of players who want to learn and get better for themselves.

"There’s never any doom and gloom at our place, it’s a refreshing place to work."

Coleman is now back into the top five for the longest serving managers after Jim Bentley left Morecambe for AFC Fylde.

The Reds boss has been at the helm at the Wham Stadium for 18 of the last 20 years.

"It’s crazy that you can go from being third behind Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger and then go back up to fifth.

"It’s ridiculous the turnover in managers. There are not many people who stay at a club as long as Jim Bentley did and particularly what they had to go through there.

"They did really well. It’s easy staying at a club, and this is no disrespect to Alex Ferguson, but it’s easy to stay at a club like he did because he had success with everything he wished for.

"He had every resource available that he could take advantage of. It’s probably easier to do it that way than the way that Jim and Kenny have done it.

"Let’s hope they have as long a tenure at Fylde."