IT’S all my fault. I was naive, I should have known better, and I am sorry.

During last week’s No Nay Never preview show, I uttered the words that would come back to bite me in spectacular fashion at the weekend: “I just can’t see Chelsea scoring, like, four past us … we just don’t concede like that.”

I would be reminded of those very words as “Captain America” (you knew that pun would get rolled out, didn’t you) slotted home his hat-trick with half an hour still left on the clock.

Numerous times in fact. Twitter is cruel.

It was a bad day at the office and there is no way of getting round that.

Aside from the great big shining light that is Dwight McNeil, pretty much everyone had an off-day.

And none more so than our defence.

It is always baffling to watch our defenders crumble - they are so consistent and resilient in their approach - and there is often no reasonable explanation for it.

Sure, individual mistakes can happen (*poor Matt Lowton will perhaps want to restrict viewings of that first goal to October 31 2019) but if you switch off for one second, you get punished.

Is there any point dwelling on it and scrutinising every last detail? No, I don’t think so. Because the glorious thing about football is that there is always next week.

And week 11 has thrown up a very intriguing fixture - Sheffield United away.

One point I am certain about is that we will need to have Chris Wood back in the side if we are going to come away victorious.

The overwhelming feeling from the Chelsea game was just how much we missed him, as he has quietly become the focal point of our attacking threat.

I hadn’t quite appreciated the space he creates for us.

This game evokes memories of that glorious day at Wembley 10 years ago and you can absolutely bet that the Blades have some unfinished business to attend to after their play-off final defeat.

It is going to be real technical battle. Sheffield United have stuck to their guns and insisted on playing their open and entertaining football.

They have goals in them, but we don’t give them away - well, except for last Saturday.

And, perhaps the trademark of a newly promoted side, they are fearless.

Could this perhaps be the most entertaining draw ever?