We asked our Rovers fans' jury: Much has been made of a new-look style this season. How big a change have you seen, and do you share Tony Mowbray’s faith in it?

When adopting a different style of play, I would have thought a prerequisite was a settled side and consistent tactics.

You also need players who are skilful and flexible enough to adapt to a more demanding system.

Do you impose a style of play onto the players or employ a style that is tailored to their strengths and weaknesses? Players like Dack can accommodate a more "refined" approach but have we enough players with the skill level to cope?

We have seen a more fluid passing game but due to our frailties we are often struggling with square pegs in round holes.

Paul Yates


I fully understand the need for a change of system and commend Tony Mowbray for recognising this and working towards it.

When there's fluidity in our movement like we saw for 20 minutes against Huddersfield, it works but otherwise we come up short as we have more often than not.

It is not a system that suits Gallagher or Graham and it's concerning that despite the money spent on our forward line, we haven't got a striker who has staked a solid claim for the position.

Also our two defensive midfielders are not progressive enough in their passing for the system to be effective.

We need Downing or Buckley starting moves from deep as Travis too often passes sideways or backwards whilst Johnson is always prone to losing possession in dangerous areas.

I'd persist with the system but make sure we play players who will compliment it, even if it means looking to our youth players. 

Kelvin Wilkins


First and foremost football is a results business. In chasing a new style of football we must not do so to the detriment of results. So far they have been quite similar to that of last season which probably throws up more questions than answers.

I’d argue there’s some truth in what Mowbray said at the start of the season, there is only so far we can get playing long ball to Danny Graham.

There has been clear improvements to the style of football this season as well, the issue thus far has been our ability to create chances with it.

Once a team has thwarted our neat exchanges of play we look lost for ideas. It’s worth noting however that last seasons long ball tactic has rarely worked this season, so I don’t know if that’s the solution either.

I do have faith in the new style because when it works we can play some really good football, I just worry that we don’t currently have a plan B to throw at our opposition. 

Tom Schofield