It really is hard to find the positivity after one point from three games, but I am going to try.

As is evidenced by other sections of the Thursday Fanzone page, a personal glee at Rovers misfortunes seems to permeate. I can’t add to that.

It appears that as regards the Rovers camp there is good and bad in everyone. It’s not Player A who is inconsistent and making mistakes, but all players, A-Z.

The ‘horses for courses’ experiment has not worked. There are far too many players who are much of a muchness and Tony Mowbray must unveil his nasty side and make players aware that they could spend the rest of the season in the stand.

Maybe it isn’t the football the lads are struggling with as much as the concentration and the team spirit.

In away games the tracking back has been shocking. The rotation has left those understandings which flourish in a settled team to become self-serving ‘I’m alright Jack’ attitudes.

The skills in the middle third are undeniable, yet the action areas are filled with wrong decisions and schoolboy errors. Mowbray has a lot of work to do before the arrival of Huddersfield Town.

The perpetual sticking-point for all fans is the fact that we don’t know what is going on in behind that curtain. For years we have looked on non-plussed by the absence of players we feel make a difference, or at least MIGHT.

Whether it be Joe Rothwell, Harry Chapman or Lewis Holtby, or those in the recent past like Connor Mahoney, Willem Tomlinson or Paul Downing we find our trust slightly strained.

I am 100 per cent behind Mowbray, let that be known, but the chasm between the inner workings of the club and the fans is as wide as ever.

Of course this leads to rumour and 90 per cent of them are usually hogwash.

Ultimately the only way to restore joy to Ewood is to win games and play good football. Easy for me to say...

Yet the next clump of games could present some new ideas from the management. Only they know.

Enjoy the weekend off.