I admit the bad feeling I had about Saturday grew when Luton won the toss and swapped ends, writes Simon Smith.

Rovers may occasionally struggle in the first half but facing the Blackburn End after a half-time rollicking they usually get going.

Playing the second half towards an empty stand hardly inspires. The atmosphere resembled a reserve game.

Of course professionals should perform whatever the environment and, although it was convenient to blame the lacklustre officials, Rovers are still not hitting the target enough.

On Tuesday Mowbray bemoaned the fact that some players have yet to understand his system. Maybe they never will. On the rare occasions Rovers delivered a good cross no one appeared to attack the space nor did anyone get to the far post.

No-one needs to be made a scapegoat but it is visible that Sam Gallagher has had a rough few days. His body seems robotic and lacking in flexibility.

On 90 per cent of occasions in both games you could get a Rizla paper between him and the ground.

Older fans will remember how the 5’7 David Speedie would rise like a salmon to win headers. Obviously Gallagher cannot be compared to such an icon but he is far from commanding in the air.

He does not attack the ball, he fails to get above the ball; he heads it from a standing start.

This is not to say it is all doom and gloom.

Adam Armstrong came back from a disappointing performance on Saturday with gusto and thrived on seeing the ball often.

Stewart Downing once more looked a class above anyone else; his coolness under pressure and calm passing setting the tempo. Mowbray’s intention to select a certain side for each kind of challenge leaves Rovers without a ‘settled’ side but places are up for grabs.

Ewood used to be a fortress. Lately that has been breached far too often.

Surely to fill the Darwen End Lower with those of a low income and/or invite one local company each game to treat their workforce to a free ticket is a thought.

Let’s face it, given the prices in the refreshment bars the club would make thousands from this idea.