JUST seven days after Jeff Hendrick silenced his critics, Chris Wood decided he wanted a piece of the action.

Social media was hilariously littered with fans venting frustration at his inclusion in Saturday’s side against Norwich, and calling for him to be dropped after a supposedly 'dismal' start to the season.

As they say on Twitter, those tweets aged well!

I was firmly against Wood being dropped and felt the criticism sent his way was harsh.

Sure, he hadn’t scored yet, but his contribution overall had been good and his work off the ball had been one of the main reasons for our increased number of chances. And Ashley Barnes just plays very well alongside him.

It's all academic now though, as he capitalised on a strong display by the Clarets and bagged himself a couple of fantastic goals as the Norwich defence looked very vulnerable.

Wood aside, the other thing that struck me was the universal praise afforded to the Clarets in the national media.

We don’t seem to be that popular a club for some reason and it can get a bit tiring reading comment after comment after comment about how 'boring' we are, how 'direct' we are, how 'physical' we are, how we’ve got too small a squad...blah blah blah.

But this weekend was different. I can’t recall reading anything negative about us. Not one bit.

We brought Norwich back down to earth and we were relentless in our pursuit for victory.

We set a trap that more streetwise clubs know better than to fall into.

Also, the breadth of quality on our bench demonstrated the lucrative financial rewards for a long stint in the Premier League and that is something that did cause one eyebrow to raise just a little bit.

It felt good and it felt like a good warm up to take us into what we hope will be our first away win of the season at Villa Park.

They’re having a tough season so far.

They’re fighting and trying to do things properly, but they’ve also seen first hand how unforgiving this league can be.

It won’t be easy but we can beat them.

They’ll be desperate to get out of the bottom three and they’ll know they have to beat teams like Burnley at home if they’re going to survive in this league.

Over to you Chris Wood. You know the drill.