JOHN Coleman believes results will turn positive as he insists his side will get their rewards fro the good performances they are putting in.

Stanley conceded a 92nd minute goal against Blackpool in the 1-1 draw last Saturday which denied the Reds adding two further to their position in League One.

The Reds have been plagued with defensive errors so far this season and Coleman is keen for him and his players to take responsibility for that.

"I thought in the main we defended well. I think I was quite calm in my post-match interview; I’m trying to get more rational in my old age," said Coleman.

"We gave them a couple of chances in the first half through our own mistakes and we weren’t happy about that.

"We were a bit loose in the first half and that was said at half time to be honest. It was a game that we could have should have won.

"They offered little or no threat in the second half, apart from having the ball around the box, but not really troubling the keeper. We’ve missed a couple of guilt edge chances ourselves.

"We’ve just got to keep going, it’s frustrating because we’re not winning a lot of games, that worries you. I’d be lying if I said otherwise.

"We know we’re not playing that badly and I’ve always been a student of form and form generally correlates to the results you get – it doesn’t always happen.

"If you’re playing well, you’ll eventually start winning. I’m hoping that’s going to be the case. They’ve got a good win last weekend and they’ll be buoyed by that.

"They’ll feel as though they’re going to start a bit of a run now, so in the main, we’ve performed quite well away from home this season.

"I know we lost to Lincoln, we could have won at Wimbledon and Bristol Rovers. We were mugged against Wycombe so the fact that we’re going there and scoring goals as well, we’ll be going there to try and win the game."

Errors in defence are something that Coleman is keen to cut out from Stanley's play.

"The frustrating ones are when four or five mistakes are made in the same instance, if one of them is eliminated then you don’t concede," added the Reds boss.

"If you see the goal MK Dons conceded against Liverpool, the keeper just misjudges James Milner’s shot and there’s nothing you can do about that.

"It’s when the mistakes are all in tandem, all in a chain reaction. They’re the ones that need to be cut out if you’re going to be successful.

"You don’t always get punished for individual mistakes, but if you make four or five then you do. That’s something that we’ve got to take responsibility for – we defend as a team and we attack as team.

"We come up with the systems we want to play, with the formations and patterns of play so we have to take responsibility as well.

"You’ve got to get back to basics sometimes, you’ve got to remind the them of their responsibilities and remind them with certain scenarios in training.

"You’ve got to get your organisation right and that’s something that’s cost us this year and it’s something we’re starting to improve. I think any team can improve their organisation."