We asked our Rovers fans' jury: What did you make of the interest from Australian A-League side West Sydney Wanderers in Rovers striker Danny Graham?


I have always been a fan of Danny Graham and Rovers will lose him at their peril. It showed the measure of the man when he volunteered to play in the Lancashire Senior Cup.

His energy commitment and application are an example to his team mates scoring 15 goals last season, providing assists and holding the ball up to bring colleagues into play.

His experience is invaluable and necessary now to guide new recruits, He has said he wants to end his career at Blackburn and I would be happy to see his wish fulfilled.

Paul Yates

It was a bit of a shock that Graham had interest from Australia as I feel he still has something to offer to this Rovers side.

It’s clear Mowbray feels that as well, considering he has rebuffed their approaches. With that being said, as we look to move away from the Graham and Dack partnership I wouldn’t be massively surprised if this is Graham’s last season at the club.

He’s had limited game time so far this season and if that continues I can see him seeking pastures new.

Tom Schofield

Blackburn Rovers have a stronger squad with Danny Graham in it so in one way, I am pleased that he scoffed the interest.  However, if we want to evolve as a club then we can't keep relying on what Danny Graham brings to the team, especially considering his age. 

Tony Mowbray has spoken extensively about a new system based on possession football yet with Danny Graham in the team, it is too easy to just revert to type and play more direct football. 

We have a new generation of strikers in Armstrong, Gallagher and Brereton and with Jack Vale and Danny Butterworth showing promise for the Under-23s, I wouldn't be adverse to thanking Danny Graham for his great contribution to the club and wishing him well in a new challenge. 

We may regress whilst we become accustomed to a new way of playing, but if Tony Mowbray is intent on changing his approach then he must fully commit to it.

Kelvin Wilkins