Tony Mowbray felt Rovers’ inability to keep the ball well enough was just as culpable as the individual errors in Rovers' defeat at West Brom.

The Baggies scored three times in 18 first-half minutes, with each goal easily avoidable from a Rovers point of view.

Bradley Dack had given the visitors the lead with his first league goal of the season inside 30 seconds.

But Rovers were pinned back thereafter in the first half, with Matt Phillips, Jake Livermore and Grady Diangana all taking advantage of defensive mistakes to score.

Bradley Johnson handed Rovers a lifeline in first-half injury time before Mowbray made two changes in a bid to gain more control of the game.

“We started well. You go in to every game with a game-plan and we tried to upset their rhythm a little bit,” Mowbray said.

“They are a very good side and you can see they are a possession-based team and play with the ball. We managed to nick it off them a few times and scored from one of them.

“We weren’t anywhere near as good with the ball as we were in midweek which is why I made the changes I did at half-time. We have to be better with the ball, we have to be braver, keep the ball off good teams because if you keep giving it back to good teams they will keep coming and they will score.

“I think that’s what happened in the first half. We were trying too hard to score on transition in the first half, Sam (Gallagher), Adam (Armstrong), both running away from the ball trying to get a hold of it.

“We tried to get more technical players on the pitch and I think particularly for the first 20 or 25 minutes of the second half we were on top.

“We huffed and puffed, they had some chances as  we pushed our full backs forward late on, and ultimately we didn’t get any points which is the disappointment.”

Cunningham was bundled off the ball by Phillips for the opener, while Armstrong was too easily beaten by Darnell Furlong in the lead up to the second. Darragh Lenihan was at fault for the third, as the Baggies took the game away from Rovers.

“It was a bit of individuality,” Mowbray said of the goals conceded.

“Greg, for the first goal, I think he thought the goalie was coming and tried to buy some time by checking his run and blocking Phillips’ run.

“When he looked up the goalie was 20 yards away in his six-yard box. If you’re looking for a explanation of that one, I’m sure it was just mis-communication between the two.

“He should have just dealt with the ball and cleared it in my opinion.

“The third one, Darragh, was in two minds and was caught in possession and the lad has run through and scored.

“That was just an individual error that he will be disappointed withe’s been fantastic these last few weeks for us.

“The second goal, it was a tough ask for Adam in the first half, their right back played really high up the pitch because we weren’t keeping the ball enough.

“Adam had to keep running back and if we were better with the ball then you’d have found Adam playing higher.

“We kept them the ball back and he (Furlong) could keep playing so high.

“Adam didn’t defend the situation very well and ultimately they scored.

“They were individual errors than down to the team’s shape or organisation.

“Second half I thought we improved, first 25 minutes caused them problems but didn’t take any of them and we lost the game.”

Rovers thought they had levelled mid-way through the second half, only for referee Tony Harrington to deem Dack had fouled goalkeeper Sam Johnstone when turning in from close range after the ball came down off the bar.

“I’m disappointed the goal we scored was disallowed for a foul,” Mowbray said.

“I have watched it back and I think the referee is trying to look through eight or nine players and I think he just played safe and gave a foul.

“That’s football.”