SEAN Dyche has highlighted the need for his side to be performing at their top level if they are to take anything off Liverpool tomorrow evening.

Burnley come into the game with one win, one draw and a single loss while Champions of Europe Liverpool have won all three games.

Dyche believes getting all of the little details right is key to getting a result against one of the big six sides.

"First of all, the start has been positive especially in our performances," said Dyche.

"Decent points, four points with the games we’ve had is a decent return. We were so close to having six of course.

"For me as a manager, the performances have been very good, and I’ve been pleased with that.

"The mentality to perform, the actual performances, the details within the performances have all been very good.

"Going into the Liverpool game, they’re quite obviously a fine side, they’ve started very well again, obviously on the back of last season with the Champions League final and going so close as well.

"We know they’re very strong, we’ve taken wins and points off of these sides before, but we’ve got to be right on top of your performance level in the Premier League.

"I know I say it all the time, but I think against the real super players you have to make sure that you’re at maximum performance because they are good sides."

Burnley took the lead against Jurgen Klopp's side in both games last season, but lost the game at Turf Moor 3-1 and the match at Anfield 4-2.

Dyche thinks the more you play against the teams at the top end of the Premier League, the more you learn about how you can be effective against them.

"The more times you’re around them games, the more you realise the details need to be important," he added.

"You can be right in these games and there’s not a lot in it and you can get two or three details wrong and it can cost you.

"Equally so can they sometimes, but you’ve got to keep mistakes to the minimum, you’ve got to deliver the basics very well. "Some of the simple things, the organisation point of view and certainly the energy of the performance because they’ve definitely got energy and pace.

"So, all the simple things have to be done well and the more times you play against the real superpower teams in the division are all of these details and getting the basics right and staying focussed on all areas of the game.

"You’ve got to attack well because you won’t have the ball as much, you’ve got to defend well for obvious reasons.

"The transition is really important, when the ball turns over these clubs are effective very quickly and you’ve got to make sure you get your defensive positions very early.

"These teams are expansive at times on turn over when you can be effective."