We asked our fans' jury what they made of the club £10,000 for 10,000 season ticket sales initiative.

Any initiative that will coax people back to Ewood has to be welcomed though it's not the most imaginative scheme I have ever come across.

Personally I would have preferred a number of smaller prizes rather than the one "big one" that appeals to people's psychological greed ala the National Lottery.

At the end of the day the main factors that will bring the crowds stumbling back to Rovers are exciting performances on the field, a winning team that gets the club into the play-offs and a return eventually to the Premier League.

Paul Yates


What a great incentive which potentially rewards current supporters whilst enticing new supporters to the club. The club are working hard and couldn't do much more to bring the supporters to the games week in, week out.

With the likes of glamour clubs such as Man City, Man United and Liverpool on the doorstop, it's a constant struggle to compete and the club must be commended for its competitive prices and initiatives. The club can only win as they will only pay-out on receipt of 10,000 tickets being sold which would signal significant progress as we recover from the damages the club has suffered in recent years.

With the new positivity around the club, the progress and the investment in youth, it's an ideal time to return to Ewood Park and with the players' and club's investments into social media, it gives us better access to the players than we've had. 

Kelvin Wilkins


In theory I think it’s a good idea. It offers people an extra incentive to go out and buy a season ticket.

I question why they’ve decided to do this now though. Had they done this before the season started, or offered this incentive towards the end of last season then I think it definitely would have worked. As it happens I think it’s too late, hopefully I’m wrong.

I think what it does show is Rovers struggle with selling tickets once more. Perhaps putting tickets on sale earlier, our last game of the season for example, will have had a bit of an impact. 

Tom Schofield