Opinions are like noses; most people have one but there are almost always a couple of holes in it.

My premature dissatisfaction with Bradley Johnson has proved to be a Daniela Westbrook hooter of a hole.

A few Rovers commentators of various standings have also passed judgement on matters far too early.

The four words ‘In Mowbray We Trust’ may be used by some as a sarcastic condemnation of what some call ‘happy clappers’, but it is key not to lose faith in someone when they are working for our common good.

In the last two games Rovers have made a few defensive mistakes. Yet they have kept two clean sheets.

The difference throughout the players has been this; instead of looking for a scapegoat and sighing heavily with hands on hips, the lads have pulled together and worked for each other to prevent the error being punished.

Without any criticism of the lad, lowly Wigan have lost their last four games and yet Charlie Mulgrew has only appeared once, in the cup.

Tony Mowbray has to make decisions that benefit the team, which benefits the supporters. He’s made mistakes, but so have Pep Guardiola and Juergen Klopp. It’s called being human.

A friendly female Middlesbrough fan on Saturday responded to my question as to the reception for Stewart Downing with “I love Stewy but he’s well past it”. Now, I know the last couple of series of Family Guy have been disappointing, but...

Thankfully, the 35-year-old so-called has-been has played 166 minutes in four days and been excellent throughout.

As my big nose/opinion offered last week there was a couple of players eager to make an impact against their former club and Danny Graham’s 17 touches belied a massive workload.

His movement and strength enabled Sam Gallagher to get on the ball more and if a striker can win and then score a penalty, especially after a long delay, then his job is a good ‘un.

Don’t expect miracles on Saturday. Just support another, hopefully, strong team performance and a few squeaks.

Admit it, it makes you feel alive!