TONY Mowbray believes Fulham will be looking to put things right against his side when the two meet tomorrow afternoon.

Like Rovers, Fulham were beaten by a newly-promoted side on the opening day of the season, but Mowbray knows the second day of the season is always different from the first.

The Rovers boss had his say on what challenges Scott Parker will face in his first full season in charge at Craven Cottage.

"Let’s keep improving and the next challenge in football is Fulham, who have obviously come down from the Premier League.

"As we all know, they spent £100 million last year. They’ve got some pretty good players, it’s always a difficult place to go to. "They got beat on the opening day away from home, they’ll be desperate to do well at home with the ambition of what they have. "In some eyes they’re the favourites to win this league.

"We’ll go there and give an account of ourselves and hopefully, it’s a good one and we can give them problems."

Mowbray knows the crowd at Craven Cottage will be expecting a performance from their side, but he wants his side to show them what they can do.

"It might do, second day of the season is not the first is what I would say.

"But I understand, it’s their first game at home with an expectant crowd. They’ll have been hugely disappointed to lose away at Barnsley and they’ll be trying to put it right.

"We have to feel that, know that they’ve got quality players and they’re better than a 1-0 defeat away at Barnsley and yet, they didn’t do it.

"Barnsley deserve huge credit. If you were a betting man, then you would suggest that Fulham would finish higher than Barnsley in the table over 46 games.

"We go to Fulham trying to give them problems and show what a good team we are.

"We want to get some points on the table, we want to show their team how good we can be on the day and hopefully, that’ll be the case."

This is Scott Parker's first full season in charge at Fulham, the Rovers boss thinks his biggest challenge is keeping a tight-knit unit.

"I think you learn a lot about yourself as a human being, they’ll be disappointed about losing, as we are," said Mowbray.

"With the riches of talent, he’s got, but on the other hand, with the relegation he could say there was discontent in the building and it wasn’t his problem.

"He’s having to bring all of that together, keep everyone tight and for a young guy who hasn’t done that before, that’s where he’ll be finding the challenge, I think."