It wasn’t only Tony Mowbray who got it wrong last week.

Bradley Johnson answered the question that he didn’t know I’d asked. But that’s the peril of flinging yourself off the fence and sticking your neck out; you sometimes come a cropper.

One game in and a loss in which Rovers were never in danger until they put themselves in danger, where they came back strong from half-time and threatened to overrun Charlton Athletic before putting themselves in danger once more.

The complete lack of desire once the score went to 1-2 was devastating so early in the season.

Mistakes, even if they are now becoming persistent traits instead of one-offs, can be excused in isolation.

The lack of drive and willingness from the players to stick their chins out and compete can never be excused.

One bad performance is not a disaster. Rather it will hopefully convince Tony Mowbray that round pegs in round holes is what is required.

No individual can, or should, be singled out for a defeat when it is 11 v 11 over 90-odd minutes.

The leaders did not lead, the strikers did not score, the creators did not create and the last 15 minutes were shocking in their lack of ferocity.

But it is still 1/46th of the way through the season.

By the sixth game, 50 per cent of the 14 featured players may not be on the field.

Rovers have a big squad in certain positions and decisions will have to be made by Mowbray as to whether some will be regulars or bit-players.

The likes of Richie Smallwood, Corry Evans, Dominic Samuel and Sam Hart have been dismissed as not good enough for this level by some. Hmm.

The desire of Smallwood was something that was missing on Saturday, and although I’m sure even his most fervent admirers would concede he is no Tugay, lest we forget Aaron Mokoena featured in a reasonably successful Premier League side for a few years.

Passion and play is what we demand.

Put the disappointment behind us and look to getting at least our first point on the board on Saturday.