Steve Waggott admits the more he and Tony Mowbray ask of owners Venky’s, the more the expectations rise.

However, Waggott believes the club’s owners have faith in the ongoing project at Ewood Park as they approach their ninth anniversary.

It has been a turbulent reign for the Indian owners, from mid-table Premier League to 15th in the Championship, with a relegation to League One, and subsequent promotion, in between.

Figures released on Companies House for Venky’s London Limited, parent company of Rovers, showed a further share allotment of £9.6m, their third injection of 2019, taking the overall figure to just short of £175m.

Waggott and Mowbray travelled to Pune inM ay, with budgets signed off for the 2019/20, with off-field investment in the recruitment department and pitches at both Brockhall sites and Ewood, sanctioned, as well as improvements to the Senior Training Centre.

“Me and Tony feel the pressure the more we ask for and the more we are given then the results have to be positive,” he added.

“But they understand that we are in a rebuilding stage and step by step we have to make progress.

“They have had their boom and bust, they have had players come in at the end of their careers on big contracts, they have seen all of that.

“They just want a very sensible, pragmatic onward, steady progression through the club and they support it.”

With improvements to the training ground and other off-field projects needed, Waggott hopes they are enough to provide Rovers with marginal gains where it matters most, on the pitch.

He admits that is where success will be judged by both fans, and the owners, and feels the squad assembled so far is an upgrade on last year’s when Rovers finished 15th in their first season back in the Championship.

“We spend over half a million pound on pitches because we have 11 pitches and it costs money to get them right,” he added.

“I think fans do understand that but it shows the commitment is huge as all these different constituent parts add up but hopefully they add up to winning on a Saturday or a midweek because that is what it is about because we are judged on results.

“This is all great and nice but it is results we will be judged by.

“I think we have a depth and a squad this year that I don’t think we had when I came in and hopefully we will bear the fruits of what we have done.”

Damien Johnson has been installed as first-team technical coach, promoted from his previous role within the Under-23s, with Rovers placing great emphasis on analysis.

That is another area in which Rovers are investing money, with more afternoon sessions planned for the players.

“Because we are making adjustments on the more technical aspects of it, there are booths and an investment in technology with smart screens, which costs big money, but we have done it,” Waggott explained.

“The players will be asked to stay behind more and more so the days will be elongated and other things have got to be tweaked to try and get a gain.

“We talk about the crowd, the position of the away fans, more fans in for us, technical adjustments and all these marginal gains can it get us to where we want to get to?

“I think there is a feeling know that we are really starting to build and gather some impetus into what we are doing.

“Players are buying into it and seeing the adjustments. They are getting a new recreation room, and now have a new viewing gallery for the Academy.”