ACCRINGTON Stanley manager John Coleman doesn't believe any manager ever feels truly ready for the new season.

The Reds boss's recruitment plan didn't quite come off this summer, but he insists the players signed are ones that can cause some excitement amongst the supporters.

Coleman highlighted how Stanley look to sign players who want to make the step to League One, even if that means they become a steppingstone club.

"I don’t think you ever feel fully ready, but I’m pleased with the way the lads have worked, pleased with the way they’ve applied themselves in the game," said Coleman.

"The heat is a big factor in what you do as well, so we’ve had to cope with that. From what I can, the lads are raring to go. I still feel I’m probably a couple of bodies light from where I want to be, but we have to go with what we’ve got at the moment and crack on.

"We had a recruitment plan that didn’t materialise the way I thought it was going to. The players I’ve signed are quite exciting players, hopefully they’ll deliver the goods and the fans will be pleased."

It is well known that the bond between the players at the club is something that you don't find at many other clubs.

When signing new players, the Reds boss looks for players who have the drive to better themselves and climb the Football League ladder - even

"It’s something that you have to have if you’re going to come and play for Accrington, that’s always been something we look for.

"We like to get players who feel as though they have something to prove and do well for themselves and the club. That unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, can lead to us being a steppingstone.

"We’re getting good service out of them for at least a year, so that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to get lads who want to climb the ladder.

"You’ve got to have players who can compete in League One and that’s difficult in its own task. You can’t take too many punches; you’ve got to take players who you’re pretty sure can cope with this level.

"That brings its own challenges and we’ll see whether we have got a squad who is ready to compete in League One as they season progresses.

Coleman admits he is always trying to learn and increase his knowledge in football management, but if something's not broken then he doesn't see the needs to fix it - mush like his formula for pre-season.

"You’re always trying to learn and improve and enhance your knowledge. You don’t set out purposely to do something different, you do what you think is right and that might be a different approach.

"We’ve had a good tried and tested formula for pre-season. We don’t think it’s broken, so we don’t need to fix that.

"I think it’ll be tough for us and I don’t think we’ll be the only team who find it tough, but I’m really relishing the chance to compete, and I know the players are."