KEVIN Maree believes his fighter Josh Holmes can go all the way and fight for world titles.

Holmes takes on Michael Isaac Carrero at the Municipal Hall in Colne tomorrow.

Manager Maree highlighted how Sunday afternoon boxing shows are good to get families involved, but they find it hard to compete with the football season.

“I’ve managed world champions before and I do believe Josh has what it takes to go all the way,” said Maree.

“I don’t think he’ll just be fighting for British or European titles, he’ll be going for the world titles in the future.

“He’s got all the talent that’s needed and he has the hard work and dedication to go with it.

“Sunday is a good chance for people to see Josh up close and watch him perform.”

The Colne event has five fights on show and Maree admits it’s hard for boxing events to compete with football.

“We’ve got five scheduled fights for Sunday, we were supposed to have more but we’ve had a few fighters have to pull out with injuries,” Maree added.

“We’ve got some local lads on the bill and a couple of lads from Blackpool who want to show what they’re all about.

“During the summer, it’s good to put these shows on a Sunday afternoon because it gets families involved.

“When the football season is on, you have games live on the TV and we can’t compete with that.

“Football is so big and it’s what everyone wants to watch, but we like to take advantage of when the season is finished.

“The shows will go back to being on a Friday and Saturday night when the football starts again.”

A lot of fighters begin their careers fighting at these events and Maree believes it’s a good starting point for any fighter.

“It gives them the chance to gain experience and make a bit of a name for themselves,” said Maree.

“If you can put on a performance in front of a decent crowd then it gets people talking about you.

“You can also then get bigger fights. We had fighters recently fighting at the Leeds Arena and Manchester Arena.

“That’s what these boys have to aspire to do because it’s there for them.

“I know the fighters enjoy these sort of intimate boxing shows, it’s a good starting point for them as they look to have a successful career.

“Every boxer has to start off somewhere so why not here?”