Rovers’ season ticket sales are approaching the 4,000 barrier.

The club expect a spike in sales at the end of this month when supporters lose the guarantee of keeping their same seat.

Prices were held from last season in all areas of the stadium, with chief executive Steve Waggott admitting reaching the 10,000 barrier would be 'phenomenal'.

A key driver for sales this summer could well be the introduction of a new price bracket for young adults - previously the most difficult category to retain. For 18-25-year-olds, the 23 Ewood matches are available from £149, with the previous age bracket ending at 21.

With the Championship fixtures for the 2019/20 season released tomorrow morning, Rovers will work out categories for each individual match, and have also pledged to keep as many games as 3pm kick-offs as possible.

Adult prices start from £319 in the RFS Riverside, with discounts available for senior, and younger, supporters.

“One is the revenue,” Waggott said, explaining the importance of season ticket sales.

“With the season tickets and matchday walk-ups you’re looking at round about 23-25 per cent of our income. If you’re in the Premier League that whittles down to very little.

“For Championship clubs and below, that is key.

“Also, can we create an atmosphere? Can we get bums on seats? Can we get 2,000 new fans, can we look at the lost generation of fans who have lapsed?”

For more information, or to buy, visit or call the ticket office on 01254 372000.

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