BRINSCALL captain Liam Winstanley is hoping that the win over Earby last time out will be start of a successful period for his side.

The Chorley outfit currently sit bottom of Division One of the Ribblesdale League, but have a Ribblesdale Cup semi-final to look forward to.

Next up for Brinscall is a trip to eighth place Feniscowles' War Memorial Ground, Winstanley is hoping to come away with a win.

"We know we've had a poor start, there's been some close games that we should have won, but we haven't," said Winstanley.

"Our batting has been poor, our bowling and fielding has been good though. The batting has let us down in fairness.

"We've been pretty good in the cup, it's been a frustrating start to be honest."

Brinscall won their last match against Earby, despite being 65 all out when batting first.

"The pitch was wet with all of the rain that's been around, that didn't help with batting," Brinscall's skipper added.

"We decided to bat first, it was a cup game so it doesn't really matter either way.

"Steven Hawk batted well with his 29 runs, everyone else failed to produce anything really. We knew at half time that they wouldn't find it easy to bat.

"We bowled well and got one of their bets betters out in the first over of their innings.

"To be honest, our bowlers ran riot and the fielders took all of their catches too.

"We're pleased with the 20 run win - it backed up the fact that we aren't batting well, but our bowling and fielding has been good."

Next up for Winstanley's side is Feniscowles, who sit just two points above them in the league.

"We're coming in to this game full of confidence - we've beat Feniscowles already this season," said Winstanley.

"To be fair to them, they're better than they were last year, and we aren't playing as well as we know we can.

"It'll be a close game, but one we think we can get the win."

Brinscall are in the semi-final of the Ribblesdale Cup for the first time since they came in to the league, Winstanley believes all of the players are looking forward to this.

"We're all looking forward to the draw to see who we'll be up against," he said.

"At the end of the day, we're one match away from a final.

"The cup run will help us because everyone wants to play in that semi-final, so they'll have to put performances in.

"We need to start collecting regular points, we've had a tough start to the season with the teams we've faced.

"We want to get away from the bottom two places in the league.

"We're a young, fresh side so there's bound to be some inconsistency - that's been evident in the close games that we've lost this season. It takes time."