TURF Moor will welcome the introduction of VAR next season as information on refereeing decisions is set to be displayed to supporters inside the ground through the big screen.

The Premier League is set to introduce Video Assistant Referees (VAR) from the start of next season.

All clubs have agreed on the way that the system will be used in order to keep fans informed on the decisions being made.

Communication inside the stadium will come into play when there is a clear delay to a match because of VAR, and when refereeing decisions are over-turned due to the intervention of Video Assistant Referee.

Graphics will be displayed on the screen to explain when such reviews are occurring or have taken place.

If the VAR believes there is a definitive video clip which helps explain an over turned decision to fans, it will also be shown on the screens.

In addition, the Premier League is investigating the possibility of messages and video clips being viewed on smartphones through a downloadable app.

For clubs which do not have giant screens in their stadium - such as Liverpool and Manchester United - VAR communications will be made with a combination of PA announcements and messages on scoreboards.

In Premier League matches, VAR will only intervene on "clear and obvious errors" or "serious missed incidents" relating to goals, penalties, straight red cards and incidents of mistaken identity.