SEAN Dyche insists he is under no pressure to sell any of his stars this summer.

Burnley made a profit of £36 million last year, and currently sit in a strong financial situation.

Dyche highlighted how he looks to build on his squad year after year.

"The club’s in a super strong position financially," said Dyche.

"It’s the opposite side of it; how much are we going to stretch to make sure we’re improving?

"We’ve improved internally with some of the players we’ve got – not all, but most have improved. How can we bolster that? "Regarding people coming in for our players then I think we’re very strong.

"Regarding going out for other teams’ players then that’s something that needs work.

"The market doesn’t care about Burnley’s business model, if you want anything out of your world then you’ve got to pay for it. "That’s the next challenge for the club – to understand that it’s going to be difficult to keep working in the market in the way that we have and be successful.

"You can do it, but it’s that magic word of success and that can be tricky."

The Burnley boss acknowledges how his team shop in the markets they know due to financial risk.

"We’ve been looking to build year on year, some of which people don’t see obviously," added Dyche.

"When that becomes effective, I’ve mentioned it many times, it’s still going to be that situation where you think of Burnley and the number of players that go around the world for astronomical fees and then disappear.

"This club wants the disappearing bit to be good. That’s always a risk and reward scenario unless you’ve got all of the background needed into Europe.

"We are growing with that; we haven’t got all of the depth and the knowledge needed in the European scene.

"I think that opens more avenues up, but in the meantime, we’ll shop in the markets we know, and we’ll make sure we know the markets that we’re in.

"We think there’s a balanced chance that they’ll do well for us and then be a sellable asset in the future if that’s needed."