They say bad luck comes in threes and I’m really hoping that rings true.

Motorsport is full of ups and downs but we have certainly had our fair share of testing moments over the last few weeks.

Those who read my last column will know that a significant crash hampered our progress in the last British Touring Car Championship at Donington.

All things considered, we managed to salvage a decent weekend out of that but the luck certainly hasn’t improved since.

Firstly, there was the Chinese Touring Car Championship last month, where I didn’t manage to complete a single lap in the two races.

You know your luck is out when you get taken off at the same corner (turn two) on the same lap (the first one) by different drivers. It’s fair to say I’ve had better trips!

Then, to add insult to injury, last weekend’s BTCC meeting at Thruxton – normally one of our favourite tracks and somewhere I won last year – ended in huge disappointment with us only managing to secure three points overall.

Qualifying set the tone. I’d set a pretty strong early lap, was lying in P4 and confident I’d improve on both time and position before the end of the session.

What I didn’t bank on was being adjudged to have exceeded track limits twice at the chicane and not getting the chance to post another qualifying time.

I wasn’t the only one to suffer and there were plenty of appeals put in by various times.

At most tracks, there are cameras on key areas which decide how far a driver has gone over the kerb and whether a penalty is justified.

That’s not the case at Thruxton so it was left to a ‘judge of fact’ to make the decision based on what they viewed.

It wasn’t an ideal scenario and it was the same for everybody so, after the appeal was rejected, we had to accept the decision and start race one from 18th.

Truth be told, the first race was something of a non-event for us. We didn’t have great pace and struggled with a severe lack of grip and understeer.

We only managed to improve one place to 17th but made some car changes which paid dividends in race two which saw us finish 14th, before a disqualification higher up the field took us up an extra place.

While we were just outside the top 12 to have a chance on the reverse grid, I was optimistic heading into the last race until I was left with nowhere to go but into the back of Rob Collard on the opening lap and that was my race - and afternoon - done.

The damage on the car was mainly superficial so we were thankful for small mercies on that front.

The few days since last weekend have been tough. I’m pretty frustrated and down in the dumps at what has happened over the last few weeks and the rest of the team have the same feeling.

But there is no time for moping and – over the next few days – we will be picking ourselves up and starting to develop our strategy for Croft in mid-June.

It’s times like this when the strength of character shines through and we will certainly be coming out all guns blazing at Croft and looking for a set of results to get us moving in the right direction in the championship.

BTCC’s Adam Morgan speaks exclusively to key partner FUCHS Lubricants