Steve Stone is looking forward to seeing how his side react under pressure in tonight’s Lancashire Senior Cup final with Rovers.

Stone’s side will be the underdogs in tonight’s meeting of the Under-23s but the Clarets chief is calling on his players to impress in a game which will attract more attention than the usual league fixture.

The former England winger says he is new to the East Lancashire rivalry, and sees this as an opportunity for his players to impress with Sean Dyche set to be among those watching on.

“I’ve got that. It’s sort of been forced upon me from everybody and anybody,” Stone said.

“People will have an eye on this game, and rightly so. I’m looking forward to the fact that there’s pressure on our players.

“I want there to be pressure, I put serious pressure on my players, I put it on them every game.

“But outside pressure and the volume of that pressure is something different and they’ve got to experience that. I’ll see some rise and I’ll see some melt.

“The ones that do rise above it and sense what it’s all about can probably grab it and go on to have careers because of it.”

Stone says he knows plenty about his players already, but believes they will face a different challenge against Damien Johnson’s youngsters.

He said: “I think I know exactly what my players are made of but the differences in this game will stick out.

“This is an opportunity for them all to put a marker down in front of a lot of fans and the first team manager.

“It’s an opportunity for them to stand out and there aren’t too many opportunities for them to do that.

“Our manager probably watches about two or three games a year because he’s so busy. He has to listen to me giving him the ‘yes he’s ready, can you put him in the training squad?’ It’s great, it’s brilliant. It’s the last game of the season so give your all and see where you get.”

And with silverware on offer to the winners, Stone says it would be a big achievement for his young side.

He added: “I won this competition for the Nottinghamshire FA back in the day.

“I still remember it and that was 30-odd years ago. It’s something that will live forever in their memories. Winning any trophy at any level is important.”