With the Wham Stadium pitch in the process of being ripped up and relaid, and a new training ground to open soon, John Coleman doesn’t believe there has been a better to join Stanley.

Coleman expects a ‘radical overhaul’ of the playing staff this season and met with his out-of-contract players yesterday to discuss their futures.

But with their League One status already assured, discussions have already taken place between Coleman and owner Andy Holt.

Infrastructure work to the pitch, and stadium, as well as the training ground are all well underway, while Coleman believes things on the pitch are also looking up.

He said: “You see what we’re doing to the pitch, and I seem to be saying this every season, but this is the time to be joining Accrington.

“The pitch is going to be perfect, the new training ground will be in for the start of pre-season.

“Everything we’ve craved seems to be coming home now.

“We can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

“The club is at the highest it’s been. We’ve managed to retain our League One status which is a bonus.

“My job now is to try and assemble a squad for next year to improve on what we’ve done.”

Many of Stanley’s senior players are on long-term deals, but there is still expected to be several players leave the club this summer.

With one of the lowest budgets in the division, Stanley will again look to use the loan market effectively to supplement their contracted players.

But that is never an exact science, and although building up good relationship with his current crop of loanees, Coleman isn’t expecting to see any return to the Wham Stadium, but added the caveat, ‘never say never’.

“There is going to have to be a radical overhaul,” the Reds boss added.

“Sometimes you take punts, sometimes you take too many.

“The punts have to be better educated this year. That’s not saying I wasn’t happy with the loans this year, there’s no getting away from the fact that we’re going to have the lowest budget in the division.

“Every penny you spend has to be spent wisely.”

Coleman admits sorting out the retained list each season is a difficult task, but done in the club’s best interests.

He said: “You never enjoy it, it’s not something you should enjoy. It’s a necessary evil and something you have to do.

“You are doing it for the benefit for the club, and everything you do should be for the benefit of the club.

“We’ve seen this club grow stronger and hopefully we’ll see it continue to grow stronger.

“Decisions have to be made and the one thing you can’t do is shy away from them.”