BURNLEY'S Dwight McNeil has highlighted how playing against the top sides in the Premier League means more running for him.

Sean Dyche expects his wingers to track back and help their full back out, and that is exactly what the teenager has been doing.

McNeil revealed he has been seeking advice from the likes of Jeff Hendrick - someone who has played in midfield all of his career.

"It was a good game, a hard game, especially against a team like that with the quality that they've got. I thought the goal was a bit harsh on us but we did well, dug in and defended well," said McNeil.

"It's all a learning game for me. I'm learning the other side of the game when we're out of possession. I've been taking some of the advice on board that I've been getting from the players and the coaching staff.

"It (kilometres covered) is normally around the same mark, but in the last couple of games it's been higher, which you'd expect. We're spending more time without possession that we are in possession of the ball.

"You've got to grind it out mentally, that's the main thing, and then physically you've got to stay in tune with the game. You can't switch off, especially against teams like City.

"You've got to track back and do the other side. It is difficult but you've got to do it, especially in this team. You've got to work hard for the team.

"Compared to what it was at the start of the season my fitness has improved. I'll keep looking to improve and work on the defensive side to my game.

"I feel I'm maturing within myself. I've still got a lot of work to do but I'll get there slowly. I'm taking those steps forward at the minute.

"I always speak to the wide players about it, especially the likes of Jeff Hendrick. He knows the role, he's done it for a while and he's normally in midfield so he's used top going up and down. It's good to take advice from the other lads.

"It's good to have people challenging you within the group because it keeps you going. It keeps you ticking over to try and keep your place in the team. I've just got to focus on my football, that's all I really want to do."