SEAN Dyche has highlighted how this has been a 'fantastic season' after his side secured their fourth consecutive season in the Premier League.

Cardiff City's defeat away at Fulham on Saturday meant the Clarets' fate was sealed before they had even kicked a ball that weekend.

The Burnley boss wants to finish the season in the right way after picking up 28 points since the turn of the year.

"Statistically we thought we had every chance of staying up, but is nice to be factually there." said Dyche.

"We have put such a big effort into the second half of the season. People will deem this a poor season in a way, but it has been a fantastic season for us because this is Burnley.

"This is not a walk in the park, every season we have the finance, structure, trying to get players here trying to keep people off our players, all of that goes into it.

"It is not just we are going to buy five players and roll it out. There is a lot of financial structure that needs to be put in place and it is tough so to come through that in the second half of the season with our goal tally and points tally and performance level is first class.

"I am delighted with what the staff put into that and what the players do."

A 15th place finish would serve as the club's second highest league finish since 1975 - Dyche wants his players to keep performing until the end after they secured their place in England's top flight once again.

“We’ve got two more and we want to finish it right,” the boss added.

“It’s not easy. We are away at Everton, who have had some ups and downs in the season, but who have had good home form, and then Arsenal back at our place.

“But the mentality was right against Manchester City. Against a top side, the mentality and will to deliver a performance was on it and we have to maintain that.

“I want the team to finish right and they have earned the right to finish properly.

“You can’t always guarantee a result, but you want to guarantee the performance levels are right, as we did on Sunday.”

Injuries meant defender Anthony Glennon was on the bench for Burnley against Manchester City - the under 23s captain had impressed Dyche and his staff in training.

"He is a good lad who has worked hard in the Under-23s. In the right way that is how stretched we have been this season," added Dyche.

"We are looking at what we do as a staff with the injury side and sometimes it is just that you have a tough spell with injuries.

"That is something we hope doesn't come again, but maybe it was to do with the extra games and the early pre-season but we don't want that to come again next season."