BURNLEY boss Sean Dyche is very pleased with the way his side have been scoring their way to Premier League survival, rather than relying on gritty defensive displays.

The Clarets have picked up 28 points from 16 games - including a win against Tottenham and draws at Manchester United and Chelsea - to all but ensure a fourth consecutive season in England's top division.

Dyche won't relax until his side are mathematically safe, but, nine points clear of Cardiff with a 17 better goal difference, he said : "We're virtually there. It's never done until it's actually done, but it's a super strong position.

"Very pleasing. A reward for a very strong second half of the season, which we want to continue of course.

"The players deserve a lot of credit - 28 points from 16 games is a massive return, especially when you only have 12 from the first 19, which is a huge adjustment, that we had to make.

"The players deserve credit, because they've carried out everything needed to get those points.

"And we've outscored Tottenham, Chelsea, Man United, in those games. It's not trying to fight our way out of it, we've scored our way out of it, which is even more pleasing.

"So a lot of good work done by the players. We still want to finish right, we want to continue the form we're in."

While the goal return has been impressive, the boss spoke about what else had changed.

"We are one of those sides who sits on fine margins. Open enough to score goals, and tight enough to not concede that many, to try and win and get enough points on the board," Dyche added.

"In the first half of the season, I spoke of the consistency within a performance, not just game by game.

"We has a few early in the season where we were good for a half, 60 minutes, and then not good enough for the rest of the game.

"The simple basic principles of what we have been about, weren't quite there, our running stats weren't there.

"The details within your shape, your habits, weren't as clear minded as they had been.

"Since the turn, our running stats have been superb.

"We finish every season here strong, physically. Our physical stats from Christmas onwards have been very strong.

"I knew we could go better. It's a very important factor in the Premier League.

"I don't think there's one thing that's turned the corner, I think there's a number of things. We want to continue and see the season out properly."

This will be a difficult task for the Clarets as their three remaining matches are tomorrow's match against Manchester City, an away trip to Everton and then Arsenal at home.

Burnley fans can now look to enjoy these games with their top-flight status very nearly secured.

"They are an enjoyable three games from a fan view because at Christmas most would have thought we needed snookers!" said Dyche.

"But we've been close with a lot of the big sides.

"We got a point at Chelsea, a point at United which could have been three, still not sure where five minutes came from.

"From the turn we have been in all the games.

"But City are a top side. You have to be on top of your performance levels.

"You need the odd bit of luck, you might need a decision but you have to focus on performance.

"They are a top side, they have shown that. They have the demand to win the title, we have a different one. "That can be a weapon, you can't relax but there's a tiny bit of freedom.

"We want to win and prove we can at least challenge the elite.

"The top six this season are miles in front.

"It's a big challenge one we look forward to. You have to defend well. I think we can, I think we have done.

"You have to take your chances, we did that at Chelsea.

"You don't get that many. You have to bring that together. Defending well is a given."