League positions won’t have any impact on tomorrow’s Wham Stadium clash, as Stanley prepare to welcome leaders Luton Town.

That’s the view of Reds boss John Coleman who says his side are ready to meet the table-topping Hatters head on.

Stanley pipped Luton to the League Two title last season, and both have battles of their own this season.

While Luton are looking to get out of the division and in to the Championship, Stanley are looking to ensure another season of League One football.

“It doesn’t matter where they are in the league, any game is tough,” Coleman said.

“Each game poses its own problems and challenges.

“When you get on the pitch and kick off you don’t get any special dispensation for being top or bottom. You don’t get a goal start or extra man.

“Once the game kicks off it’s 11v11 and this season has thrown up so many freak results and it’s so tight you can’t focus on where teams are you just have to focus on doing the best you can to win the game.”

Luton were 4-1 winners over Stanley in the reverse fixture in October. At that time Stanley were above Luton in the table, but the Hatters have since gone on a 28-game unbeaten run which ended last time out against Charlton.

“We had a smashing game with them at their place, lost 4-1, but it could easily been 5-5,” Coleman added.

“We didn’t take our chances and they did.

“They’re a good side, but we’ll be going in to the game to attack them like we do every game.”

Stanley are no strangers to long unbeaten runs themselves, after last year’s promotion.

Asked if it might be a good time to play Luton after last weekend’s loss, the Reds boss added: “I’m just hoping it’s like the buses in Liverpool, you wait for ages and they come in pairs.

“I have always said that getting on a winning run is the hard part, staying on it is the easy part.

“Luton have had an unbelievable run. When they beat us we were still above them and they went 23 unbeaten after that.

“Their form has certainly been outstanding and merits getting promoted. They’re not there yet but will feel as though they have a great chance.

“It doesn’t matter what’s gone on in the games previous, it’s about how we perform on Saturday and how they perform.”