ACCRINGTON Stanley's owner Andy Holt has spoken of the plans in place for a new pitch ant the Wham Stadium, but admits he didn't want to rush in to it.

The chairman wanted to improve other areas of ground, but has highlighted how the current pitch hampers the way John Coleman likes his side to play.

Holt has added that Stanley are looking to have a youth side and a training ground, also.

"We are putting a new pitch in at the end of this year because we need one. I didn’t want to do it because there are other things we need," said Holt.

"The new bar and hospitality area which I would have liked will have to wait.

"We are Accrington and not Chelsea and people are prima dona-ish, but the pitch damages the way we play.

"It has to be replaced eventually as it’s sat on clay that’s worthless and so we need a complete new pitch with retaining walls and so on and it’s £300,000 and it will be great then.

"We have come a long way and it’s easy to criticise but it has to come over time and it’s about prioritising.

"Since I came in, we have got new floodlights, a new cow shed, new offices that are tidy and not leaking in, we have got tarmac at the back of the Coppice End and toilets and water that stays running at the same time as when our groundsman Buzzer puts the sprinklers on!

"I didn’t want to do pitch at the end of the season if I could have avoided it but it has to be done, it’s now a priority.

"We need new changing rooms but it has to come in an order, a sequence, otherwise you run the risk of bankrupting the club and I won’t do that."

Stanley currently are without a training ground, but Holt plans to change this.

"We are looking at having a youth side between the academy and first team so we can bring more players through," added the chairman. "I am looking forward to that, you look at Ross Sykes, he is from Burnley was released at 14 by Burnley FC, we brought him in and now he is playing League One football and holding his own.

"I like that, I want to see more of that, that is local kids doing well.

"We have a deal on King George’s Playing Fields as they are not used much by the local community, they have showers, changing rooms and a car park.

"The pitches are a mess and over time we can put them right and keep improving. Hyndburn Council wanted us to stay in the town and I get that.

"We do though have the back-up of the land in Read as well though. We need a training ground."