We asked our Rovers fans' jury: What was your reaction to, or what struck you the most, about Rovers’ latest accounts?

So we owe the Venky's approximately £109m and lost £336,000 a week during the season in League One.

This is the stark reality of running a football club in a game dominated by the norms and demands created by the rich cats in the Premier League and satellite television.

The past mismanagement of the club is still felt but what would we do without the Venkys? Who would want to take on a club with such debts and unfulfilled aspirations?

Unfortunately we, and clubs like Bolton, are on a merry-go-round that will end in tears and frustration unless Premiership status is achieved.

Paul Yates

What has struck me the most is the commitment from the owners. Relegation and financial loss goes hand in hand so it would have been natural to have offloaded our assets.

Instead, we kept our best players and invested in the squad. The Venky's have been incredibly naive, trusted some questionable people and made some bizarre decisions yet it appears they finally have the right advisors and have learned valuable lessons.

With a young squad, a fruitful academy and a stable management team, we are a club on the up again and I hope this is reflected in season ticket sales next season. 

Kelvin Wilkins

It struck me how much money Venky’s continue to put into the club. I was aware that we were operating at a loss, but naive as to how much we were bleeding.

It’s apparent that whatever we think of the Venkys, right now we need them in order to keep the club afloat. The moment they decide to stop funding us could spell disaster.

Tom Schofield