BLACKBURN Rovers star Robbie Savage has vowed to do 'what ever it takes' to get a sacked pilot his job back.

Captain Pablo Mason was dismissed from his £90,000-a-year job after breaking anti-terrorism rules and letting the midfielder on to his flight deck on a privately-chartered flight.

Savage, who had asked to go in the cockpit to combat his fear of flying, has already written a letter of support to the captain and has offered to do anything he can to get MyTravel Airways to reinstate the 57-year-old.

"I am prepared to do whatever it takes to help Pablo get his job back because I feel partly responsible for the situation he finds himself in," said Robbie.

"If I hadn't asked to go up to the flight deck then he wouldn't have got the sack. If he wants me to attend a hearing or speak up on his behalf then I am ready to do that."

Robbie had joined Capt Mason, from Warwick-shire, on the Airbus A320s flight deck on the journey home following Rover's 1-0 victory over MyPa-47 in Finland.

He said: "I have got a fear of flying, which is why I wanted to go into the cockpit and for him to offer to help me overcome my fear was great.

"He was very professional throughout and I have never felt more at ease when flying.

"I don't fear flying as much as I did because I know that when you experience things like turbulence the pilot has got everything under control."

It is thought another member of staff made a complaint to company bosses that Capt Morgan had breeched strict regulatory authority policy banning any unauthorised personnel from the flight deck. The rules were brought in following the September 11 attacks.

A MyTravel spokesman confirmed Capt Mason's dismissal and said: "We have a zero tolerance policy towards actions which could endanger the safety of our passengers and employees."

But Robbie hit back: "Throughout the flight safety was paramount."

Capt Mason, a former RAF pilot, is appealing against his dismissal and has been offered support by both Robbie and Rovers.