ACCRINGTON Stanley chairman Andy Holt insists the postponed game against Blackpool doesn't just hit the club financially.

Holt added no plans are in place to get any heating systems for the pitch.

The chairman is very pleased with how manager John Coleman is doing this season and added plans are in place for next season.

Stanley's match against Blackpool at the Wham Stadium was called off Saturday morning by referee Rob Lewis after freezing temperatures over night.

"It's not just the club that get hit financially, it's everyone," stated Holt.

"The fans have bought tickets and made transport plans for this game, so they've also lost out.

"The weather over night was worse than we expected, if it had been an extra two or three degrees warmer then the game probably would've been on.

"There's nothing you can do about it, it's a sickener for everyone."

Holt added that a heating system for the pitch is out of Stanley's reach and that the investment would not be worth it with the weather only being a factor in a couple of games a year.

"The heated tent we had for the Derby FA Cup match was £20,000 to hire," said Holt.

"Undersoil heating is half a million pound just to install and then it's £3000 every time you turn it on.

"You've got to remember a football pitch is a big area to heat.

"These things don't happen often so it wouldn't be wise for us buy anything like that.

"Saying that, it would help the grass grow."

Holt was quizzed on how he feels Coleman and the squad are doing, the chairman is very pleased with the progress the club have made.

"John and the lads are doing great, we went up as League Two champions, but I would've taken this last year absolutely no doubt about that," stated Holt.

"The move up in leagues was always going to take its toll.

"We've had to sell some players in order to improve the ground like we've wanted to.

"We've pretty much got two new stands in place and we're installing new bars in and around the ground.

"I could have done this without selling the players, but then you're putting a lot of debt in to the club and that's what I didn't want to do.

"We've done alright though, we've got Janoi back on loan so it's worked out pretty well.

Holt looks towards the future where the club is concerned.

"You've got to look at it over the long run, our budget is about a 20th of the top budget in this league," highlighted Holt.

"Sunderland payed £4 million for Will Grigg, I'm not criticising Sunderland because they are a great club and can obviously afford to do that.

"Our turnover isn't even £4 million. I'll be delighted if we can consolidate this season.

"Me and Coley are always talking about plans for next season with how the budget is looking and the plans we have in place."