SEAN Dyche believes Burnley will have to patient in the January transfer window as they bid to strengthen their squad.

The Clarets chief is keen to add new faces to his ranks with his side currently entrenched in the Premier League relegation zone following a 5-1 humbling by Everton on Boxing Day.

But the Turf boss said next month's window will be 'very difficult' given Burnley's limited spending power.

"I don't think there'll be £200m to spend, that's the reality of the club, it's very difficult to add someone," he said.

"It would be nice, but it's really difficult in January.

"Whether the lads need it or not, it's irrelevant, it's whether you can get them in.

“We are looking, but it’s tough.

“We’re not in and it’s deal done, there are things we’ve got our ears to the ground on, but there’s no guarantees.

“It’s very difficult, the market has been incredibly difficult anyway, and then you add the January side of things.

“The big wheels that can turn often do, but the smaller ones have to wait and see when those wheels turn, so we have to be waiting to get our business done, rather than be proactive, because it’s so difficult to be proactive.

“We’ve got to try and judge the market wisely."

Burnley have brought in Mike Rigg as technical director and although he will have input into the club's transfer strategy next month, his appointment is one for the long-term.

“Mike Rigg’s come in in, but there’s no pressure on him," Dyche added. "We’re looking to build a system and model not just for this window, it’s got to work for a longer period.

“So there’s no immediate pressure on him, but it’s helpful if he can add something to what we already do, and if there is something out there we think we can move on, then we will do."

Burnley operate with one of the smallest transfer budgets in the top flight and Dyche has often spoken of the limits that puts on his ability to do business.

But he insists the Turf model is the right one for the club.

“I think the way the club has operated, and continued to do, it’s not throwing money at every situation, it’s finding the right situations to work for now - there has to be a competitive element now, quite obviously, because we’ve got to get wins, but the next layer of player, the next developable player who can grow with the club and be shifted on at some point.

“There’s a lot of boxes that need ticking to make sure they’re the right players for this club, and that makes it difficult, but that’s the challenge we’ve had for six years or so."

He added: "The club is run on a very business-minded level, they know the tight lines that's about so it's not new to them.

"They see what other clubs are trying to achieve through the market.

"But you still have to have people in the market who fit your club, and this club don't want to break that, and I understand that.

"It just makes it difficult for me as a manager to get the quality in to continue supporting and improving you."