BURNLEY will tomorrow up against “the number one outstanding English centre forward” in Harry Kane. That is the view of Clarets boss Sean Dyche.

The Burnley chief noted that during his playing days there was a crop of strikers for the Three Lions to choose from, in Alan Shearer, Teddy Sheringham, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney to name a few.

But in the current climate he feels there is no-one that can measure up to Kane.

“He’s a little bit out on his own at the minute, there aren’t that many strikers out there who do what he does therefore there’s a lot of weight on him,” said the Burnley boss.

“When I was still playing, at the time, I’m thinking Shearer, Sheringham, (Paul) Scholes would chip in, there was a group of players. Owen, (Robbie) Fowler, Rooney, a good group.

“There’s a lot of foreign centre forwards now. Then there was a lot of English centre forwards.

“You are viewing him (Kane) a lot because he’s like the focal point. There’s a lot of weight on him but I think he carries it very well.

“I think he’s a top, top player and a top pro. I think at the moment he’s the number one outstanding English centre forward.

“Tottenham are more than a one man side though, that’s for sure.”