Of course it wasn’t just the dynamic duo who contributed to that welcome Rovers victory, but my word, Bradley Dack and Danny Graham never let a Sheffield Wednesday player settle for a second.

Dack has not had an easy time of late and my fence-sitting over whether Graham needed a break did lean to the negative side. A ghastly week was put behind Rovers with the force of a Richie Smallwood 50/50 challenge.

There will be dark days. Although it didn’t help that two came so quickly against Preston and the dreaded Wigan. Ryan Nyambe’s confidence and Derrick Williams’ positioning is still a work in progress, yet Rovers had quality all over the Ewood turf against the Owls.

The terrier-like Harrison Reed has been taken to Blackburn hearts and one hopes the new Southampton boss forgets all about him.

The determination of Craig Conway and Paul Downing, who both played a massive part in the first two goals, to seize their chance was heartening and when you looked at the personnel that Rovers had on the bench it bodes well for the future.

Saturday obviously brings a big challenge. Although recently thumped by the erratic Villa, Middlesbrough are still flying high and possess some of the spirit that fuelled and kickstarted Tony Mowbray and Danny Graham’s football life. As tough as the game might be the pressure is all on Boro.

I’m still convinced that Rovers have a group of 18 or so players that sit alongside any in the division.

Heck, we arguably have the best player in the Championship.

The youthful element is still learning and when the spine of the side is of the calibre of Charlie Mulgrew, Elliott Bennett, Craig Conway and Danny Graham then you know that the relatively inexperienced will only improve.

And the young ones will all have learnt from the devastation of those last two away games. Some already have.

I’m staring down the barrel of 50 and I learnt a few things. Chiefly that defending certain players from angry abuse can occasionally lead to you suppressing rage when they once more let you down.