We asked our fans’ jury what they made of the decision to hand Tony Mowbray a new three-and-a-half year deal.

Well we all know how meaningful contracts are in football! Having said that Mr Mowbray has done an excellent job and deserves to be given what is in fact a vote of confidence by the owners.

The owners who have had the heat taken of them by a manager who has achieved promotion and put together a potentially exciting team.

When appointed the club seemed to be in terminal decline and the Venkys were targeted from all angles. With comparative success on the field has come the impression of a stable club going in the right direction.

One assumes other clubs are keeping a close watch on Mr Mowbray’s progress.

Paul Yates

They say some managers just fit some clubs and Tony Mowbray is a perfect fit for Blackburn Rovers.

In a time when the club was riddled with deceit and lacking identity, Tony Mowbray brought honesty, integrity and transparency.

He has established a hard working ethos that the players have bought into. But this alone is doing him an injustice as he also has very good tactical awareness and a good eye for a player.

The extended contract is richly deserved and whilst we will undoubtedly hit some rocky patches ahead in Tony we must trust.

Kelvin Wikins

It was important that Rovers were able to tie Mowbray down to a new deal. He has been a major factor, that has contributed in the revival of the club.

As a fan, he’s the type of man you want in charge of your club. I feel that under Mowbray we may be able to get back to where we once were.

It’s going to take some time, something he has admitted, but with him at the helm I am confident we will get there eventually. I’m proud to have him manager of my club until 2022.

Tom Schofield